Silverpop - BFFs: Twitter Lead Gen Cards, Political Fundraising and Behavioral Marketing
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BFFs: Twitter Lead Gen Cards, Political Fundraising and Behavioral Marketing

by: Dave Walters (@_DaveWalters)
13 June 2013

Last week, I wrote a post taking an inside look at Twitter’s hot new Lead Generation Cards, but had yet to see them running in the wild in my stream. I was also slightly concerned about how they’d manifest in third-party apps, which I use almost exclusively.

It all changed when I caught a retweet from the always-epic and follow-worthy Shervin Pishevar announcing Newark Mayor Cory Booker’s newly launched Senate campaign. There it was right in my own TweetBot-powered stream — presented elegantly as a link that I could see began with “ …”

Lead Gen Cards Tweetstream


As expected, the URL click led to a page that played back the data fields that would be passed along when I hit “Submit.” (see image below). No surprises, no editable fields for me to mess with — just a single action to confirm my sign-up. That’s the power of this product — it captures the user’s intent simply and clearly. And the best part is the whole process worked perfectly in a non-Twitter client!

Twitter Lead Gen Cards Data Capture


And for a brand like Cory Booker’s, Twitter is the perfect social network to inform and interact with both his Newark constituents and his national audience. In fact, he’s been called a Twitter visionary by more than one media outlet, so leveraging this audience via Twitter Lead Gen cards is an excellent way to build grassroots political support and donors.

And in terms of campaign-level interactions, his team is playing it just about perfectly. Immediately after I clicked “Submit,” I received a confirmation email reinforcing the timeliness of the conversation — and playing back Booker’s key messages for the campaign (see image below). No big ask, just an elegant engagement moment:

Cory Booker Confirmation Email


Three days later, the first true campaign solicitation arrived — a well-timed, clear email with two distinct calls to action:

  • “Contribute $5 now to help reach our $100,000 first-week grassroots goal”
  • “Help reach our goal by Saturday at midnight. Contribute $5 today.”

Cory Booker Nurture Email


Clearly the Booker campaign is following the Obama fundraising script, and I’d expect to see increasingly behavior-driven message content based on giving levels and message interactions.

So there’s an excellent early use case for Twitter Lead Generation Cards. I’d love to hear your campaign ideas in the comments below.

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