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Blog Posts by Arthur Hughes

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Arthur Middleton Hughes is senior strategist at Silverpop, advising customers on email marketing strategy and programs for acquiring more email subscribers. He’s also the founder and vice president of The Database Marketing Institute, Ltd. Arthur has been developing email marketing strategies and designing and maintaining marketing databases for Fortune 500 companies and others for the past 33 years. A graduate of Princeton University with a master’s degree in public affairs, Arthur taught economics at the University of Maryland for 32 years. When it comes to email and database marketing, he literally wrote the book, authoring Strategic Database Marketing 4th Ed. (McGraw Hill 2012).

  • How Emails Increase Persistence

    While working at a large membership organization (numbers changed to preserve confidentiality), I learned about an aspect of email marketing that I hadn’t encountered before. This company[...]

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  • Why 21 Links Could Be Key to Your Email Success

    What makes a successful email? There are many ways to measure success, but one key indicator is whether the recipient opened and interacted with the email. Here we have a problem. Less than[...]

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  • Is RFM Useful in Email Marketing?

    Direct marketers have been using recency, frequency, and monetary (RFM) analysis to predict customer behavior for more than 60 years. It’s one of the most powerful techniques available to[...]

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  • Boosting Your Click Rate

    Despite the attention many marketers pay to open rates, the only real proof that your email is getting your subscribers’ attention is when they click on a link within the email after opening[...]

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