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  • Transparency Essential as Online Retailers Embrace Social Media

    Rosetta just came out with an interesting study covered by DMNews that really caught my attention. According to the interactive marketing agency, 59 percent of the top 100 U.S. online[...]

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  • Metrics Matter More These Days

    A report just published by JupiterResearch found that measurement is the top challenge for online advertisers, and the top agency differentiator for advertisers looking for an agency. Savvy[...]

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  • Options to Make the Holiday Selling Season a Little Brighter

    I was at's annual conference last week, and found some retailers expressing concern about holiday sales. The economy is weighing heavily on everyone's shoulders. Not surprising.[...]

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  • Online Ad Spending Stat Yields Surprises

    I saw this recent stat from global market intelligence firm IDC and two things stood out. First, I’m frankly shocked at how low online is as a percentage of total ad spend in this[...]

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  • AOL Announces Big Drop in Spam

    As 2004 draws to a close, AOL announced a huge drop in spam and spam complaints over the last 12 months. As measured by the infamous "spam button", user complaints were down a whopping[...]

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  • In Case You Missed It

    If you weren't able to join us last week for the MarketingSherpa Email Metrics Seminar, you can access the audio file by clicking here. The presentation is full of valuable statistics on[...]

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  • FTC Rules on "Primary Purpose"

    Yesterday, the FTC announced new rulings associated with CAN-SPAM . Although not a major announcement, these rulings more clearly define the line between transactional and promotional messages.[...]

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  • MarketingSherpa Metrics and Teleseminar

    Having industry stats and benchmarks is invaluable when it comes to marketing, but finding this information can be a challenge. Look no further. If you haven't checked out MarketingSherpa's[...]

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  • Yahoo! rolls out DomainKeys

    A friend of mine said the authentication technology marketplace is like an old horror movie: every time you think the monster is dead, it just comes back to life with more attitude than[...]

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  • "The Apprentice" and email marketing

    As email industry insiders, many of us have struggled over the years to explain our craft. The public and the media often mistake us for spammers or worse yet, dismiss us as part of that[...]

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  • If You Are A Serious Email Geek...

    If you are a serious email geek then you were probably at the Inbox Conference held this week here in Atlanta, Georgia. This conference focuses on the more technical aspects of email and[...]

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  • Cool New Company Alert: MessageCast

    I recently had the opportunity to meet with a new company called MessageCast. As you know from the final chapters in my book, I am very bullish on RSS, as well as various alert technologies.[...]

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  • The authentication world continues to turn...

    Just as the world of email authentication stood on the brink of chaos, it appears that a reconciliation among the various players is once again at hand. Last week, Microsoft announced that[...]

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  • Affini takes aim at fixing spam

    A friend sent me the press release on a new solution to the privacy, spam and inbox deluge problem. The company, Affini promises to: "Combine the Best of Spam-Free Email, Search and Targeted[...]

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  • The book is announced

    After a year of work, my book is now official. We formally announced it earlier this week. Thanks to my publisher, it is available on both Amazon and Barnes & Noble. [...]

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  • DMA Annual event, New Orleans

    My colleagues and I spent the first part of last week at the DMA's huge annual event in New Orleans (I can't imagine a better place for after-hours events). This year's event was kicked[...]

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    I just got back from a few days in Anaheim for the annual conference. For those of you that are not familiar with, it is an elite organization for online retailers. This[...]

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  • As the world turns: Sender ID

    Sender ID is one of the newest entrants into the email authentication battle. Born out of a marriage of the AOL supported SPF and Microsoft's original CallerID proposal, Sender ID seemed[...]

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  • Rich Media Email

    For a while, everyone claimed rich media email was going to revolutionize the industry but, last time I checked, the number of video or flash emails I'm getting is pretty small. So what's[...]

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  • Welcome to My Blog

    For those of you that don't know me, I have to state upfront that I am passionate about technology, communications and marketing. The world around us is changing so dramatically and so quickly,[...]

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