Silverpop - 8 Must-Read Marketing Tips from Our Amplify 2014 Partners
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8 Must-Read Marketing Tips from Our Amplify 2014 Partners

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by: Will Schnabel (@wschnabel)
22 May 2014

Earlier this month, we wrapped up our 12th annual North American customer conference, Amplify 2014. This year’s event was our biggest yet, with a record number of clients turning out to attend dozens of marketing sessions, watch keynotes from Arianna Huffington, Peter Shankman and Bill Nussey, and attend an exclusive party with rock band American Authors.

They also got to watch presentations from our highly regarded partners, who shared a wealth of innovative ideas for how marketers might tap their platform or expertise in conjunction with Silverpop to help create incredible customer experiences.

We asked some of our Amplify 2014 partners to share their favorite tips from the event, and here’s what they submitted. We hope they inspire some new marketing ideas!

EPiServer logo1) Drive consistent and connected experiences across the digital marketing ecosystem. (EPiServer)

To really pull off an exceptional customer experience, marketers must connect their automation and email best practices and leverage the behavioral data that’s being collected to deliver personalized content (CMS) and shopping experiences (Commerce) to customers on mobile and Web clients based on the data we know about the customer. Read more.

InsideView2) Remember that marketing automation needs good data to produce winning results. (InsideView)

Marketing automation alone is not enough to deliver winning campaign results. You need good data to produce good results. How do you determine what is “good” data? Benchmarks indicate that it should be gathered from multiple sources, triangulated and validated in real time to provide the most current, accurate data. Ask your data provider about their data-gathering methodology. Learn more

mGage3) Use a sweepstakes to drive mobile opt-ins. (mGage)

One key to incentivizing your customers to join your mobile community is to provide a mobile-exclusive incentive. For example, if you have substantial brand awareness already, a sweepstakes can be successful in generating a lot of opt-ins. For more info on how to attract customers into your community and build a solid following, download “5 Keys to Building a Mobile Community.”

Optimove4) Treat every campaign as a marketing experiment. (Optimove)

Use test and control groups to understand the actual monetary uplift generated by each email campaign. This scientific approach will help you optimize your customer marketing, resulting in maximum customer engagement and revenues. Read how to implement this approach in the blog post, “How to Treat Every Customer Campaign as a Marketing Experiment.”

SeeWhy5) Sync your email remarketing with ad retargeting. (SeeWhy)

Email remarketing is a huge revenue generator for ecommerce companies. (If you're not remarketing, start now!) Try taking it to the next level by integrating your email and display ad retargeting. This gives more control over the cross-channel customer experience and maximizes ROI. Email is cheaper, more personalized and has higher conversions. An integrated approach allows you to test ad/email combinations to maximize ROI.

USADATA6) Develop more relevant content based on accurate data. (USADATA)

Stand out in the inbox by developing relevant content based on information about your customers or where they are in their current lifecycle.  For more, check out USADATA’s guest Silverpop blog, “3 Tips for Using Data to Increase Relevancy.

Webtrends7) The trade-off between timeliness and relevance is a thing of the past. (Webtrends)

Marketers clearly understand the value of personalizing remarketing emails, but it’s just as important today to ensure that those communications are delivered in a timely manner. Effective remarketing today mandates that time and relevance be inextricably linked. (Read Webtrends’ guest blog on cart abandonment remarketing.)

Whereoware8) Boost email effectiveness by integrating your email and website together. (Whereoware)

Tie your email and website together by making basic changes, then moving toward more strategic tactics. Start simple by placing your email sign-up form on your website in an easy-to-find place (above the fold). Next, begin using actionable behavior and purchase data to increase the relevancy of your mailings. Then really up the ante by pushing that marketing data back to your website to create a truly personalized online experience. (See how Paper Style increased revenue 330 percent working with Whereoware.)


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