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6 Pinterest Holiday Marketing Tips

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by: Heather Shore (@heathervshore)
15 November 2013

Three years since launching, Pinterest remains one of the fastest-growing social networks, currently tallying 2.5 billion monthly page views. For those unfamiliar with the network, the pinboard-style photo-sharing website allows users to create and manage theme-based image collections such as events, interests and hobbies, with 80 percent of content being repinned from other users.

So, why care about Pinterest and adding it to your online marketing strategy? For starters, consider that 47 percent of U.S. online consumers have made a purchase based on Pinterest recommendations. This holiday season, make sure you put Pinterest best practices in place to help boost conversion rates:

1) Include Pinterest or Pinterest-related words in your subject lines. Some studies have shown higher open and unique click rates for subject lines related to Pinterest. So, the next time you’re sending a message in which a Pinterest-related subject line would be applicable, try some A/B subject line testing and see what results you get.

2) Always include a “Pin It” button on the images you want customers to share. You can learn more about incorporating the “Pin It” button here.

3) Promote your Pinterest page in all types of emails. Welcome series, automated campaigns, retargeting and, of course, your promotional/sales-driven campaigns are all possibilities when it comes to spread the word about your Pinterest page. Remember to explain what’s in it for your customers, as King Arthur Flour did in an email earlier this year promoting its Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram pages.

4) Leverage popular pins in your email campaigns. Unsure what images to use in an email? Let your audience help you determine which pictures to use. Review which images are most repined and which ones are connecting with your brand. Then, use those images in your email campaigns to promote relevant content and sales.

UnCommon Goods Pin the Halls5) Designate specific Pinterest boards to the particular holiday or season. This will help make your page more accessible and relevant to your customers. Last November, for example, UnCommon Goods ran a “Pin the Halls” promotion inviting customers to repin to a new board called “UnCommonGoods Pin the Halls,” offering a $250 shopping spree to one lucky participant. A few weeks and 100 entries later, it announced the contest winner and shared some of the recipes, DIY ideas and holiday party tips the contest generated.

Another example: Michaels recently promoted an in-store event on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” generating a great deal of publicity for its “Pinterest Party” day at local stores.

6) Think long-term when it comes to your Pinterest strategy. This social network provides an outlet to convey how your products fit into your target audience lifestyle.  Make sure you share things that inspire and connect on a personal level. Social media is about connecting with others and not always about pushing products. Become that source of valuable information for your customers.

Chobani maintains several different boards that feature a variety of recipes from many different websites and blogs. While many of the recipes include yogurt as one of the ingredients, not all do. The company knows its target audience (women, who do most of the grocery shopping) is always on the lookout for simple, delicious recipes to feed hungry hoards at home. So instead of just pinning links from the company website, Chobani is in the business of solving problems for its followers.

Use these best practices to put a Pinterest strategy in place that resonates with your customers. It’s all about connecting and positioning your company is the go-to-source for your industry. This takes time, practice and execution. Happy pinning!

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