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6 Landing Page Tips and Tricks

by: Dave Thomas (@IBMforMarketing)
26 August 2015

Landing pages are a paramount part of a successful marketing strategy. Done right, they become a focal point of a company’s lead generation efforts, utilized in marketing campaigns to engage contacts, gather key customer and prospect information, and capture critical data about the buyer journey.

Get them wrong, though, and landing pages can create a poor user experience and increase form abandonment. Here are six useful tips and tricks to take your landing pages to the next level.

1) Make Them Mobile-Friendly

Today, about as many people browse the web on their mobile phones and tablets as desktop and laptop computers. This is no secret and shouldn’t come as a shock, but you’d be surprised at how many brands are still behind in the game. Stay ahead of the curve by making your landing pages user-friendly across all devices. Use font sizes and calls to action that are large enough for people to read without having to zoom in on their phone or tablet.

2) Set Clear Expectations

When adding Web forms to landing pages, set clear expectations for visitors. What are they getting? What’s the benefit? Why should they give you their contact information? It’s best to let the user know up front what they’ll be receiving in return for their information.

If you’re offering a newsletter sign-up, for example, consider linking to an example of a previous newsletter, and let the user know how frequently emails will be flowing into their inbox. The last thing you want to do is bombard them with offers they didn’t intend on receiving. This can paint your brand in a negative light, increasing the chance of abuse/spam complaints.

3) Ditch the Pop-ups and Menus

Remove any and all distracting elements on your landing pages, such as pop-up modals and navigation menus. By doing so, you’ll decrease the chance of user abandonment. Your goal is to get them to stay on the page once they have “landed” there.

4) Create a Knockout Headline

Hook the reader immediately with a headline that stands out from the crowd. Here’s where you can get fancy with images and formatting, but don’t stray away from the main goal by adding clutter. Your headline needs to clearly communicate what you’re offering and highlight your value proposition. Entice your readers with an incredible offer that just can’t be ignored.

5) Keep it Simple

People want quick information that’s easy to digest without feeling overwhelmed. When developing page copy, eliminate the typical fluff that takes up space. Get straight to the point. If including forms, try to include no more than three to four fields. The last thing you want people to do is bail out on the page due to its length. Get just enough information to create more targeted marketing campaigns. You can always ask for additional information later down the road.

6) Get Personal

If you have enough data on hand, take the opportunity to personalize the user experience. It can be something as simple as their name, products they’re interested in, etc. The sky’s the limit! Just remember, the more specific and targeted your landing pages are, the higher the response rate.

Take your landing pages to the next level with these quick tips and tricks to ramp up your digital marketing strategy. Keep in mind that it’s going to take some experimentation and testing to figure out what works best for your brand. Your primary focus should always be to hook your audience. Keep them wanting more by being relevant to their needs.

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