Silverpop - 5 Ways to Use Location-Based Marketing Automation
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5 Ways to Use Location-Based Marketing Automation

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by: Teri Andrews (@teri_andrews)
19 March 2013

Are you leveraging the power of location-based marketing (LBM) when you communicate with customers? So many buyers use their phones to make shopping decisions on the go. Are you gleaning that critical information about where your customer spends time, which stores she frequents, and what her buying patterns are?

It’s a gold mine of data — and a sure way to golden sales results — if you only know how to use it!

Customers are eating up this kind of communication. A third of smartphone users share their locations with retailers. They use geolocation apps like Facebook, Yelp and Foursquare to let their friends know where they are, as well as to score special discounts and freebies for doing so.

And yet, marketers have only recently started to integrate location-based strategies into their campaigns. Adam Steinberg predicts this trend will drastically increase in the near future. Don’t miss out. Here are five ways you can start applying LBM to your multichannel marketing strategy with behavioral marketing automation.

1. Customize Mobile Offers with Check-In Apps
Ask for permission to monitor where and when a buyer checks in on Foursquare or Facebook. Then, send that person customized offers based on his or her check-in behaviors. For example, say a female buyer checks in at Starbucks every day down the street from your bakery. Knowing her habits, you send an email or SMS offer next time for 50 percent off a cupcake to accompany her daily latte. How much more likely do you think she’ll be to use the coupon because it accounts for her actions in real time?

2. Create a Check-In Contest to Drive Traffic
Set up a “scavenger hunt” in your business community. Partner with other businesses to encourage buyers to check in at participating retailers or restaurants to win prizes. You’ll leverage your buyers’ natural desire to compete and win — and access other businesses’ extended social networks through their customers. (For more great info on how to integrate winning gamification techniques into your marketing, read “Check-ins and Gamification: Bringing the Magic Back to Marketing.”)

3. Localize Your Automated Email Campaigns
Dynamic content can deliver dynamically powerful results when you use it the right way in a personalized email. For example, send an email to a frequent shopper who is nearby — replete with lists of your stores that are closest to him, as well as what the weather is supposed to be like in the next few days. For instance, he might need a rain jacket for Thursday!

4. Set up a Geotargeted Loyalty Program
Reward customers with freebies and discounts for frequent visits to your location. Happy customers — and who’s not happy when being rewarded with free food or products? — come back again and again.

5. Tie Twitter to Foursquare to Maximize Your Connection with Customers
Auto-send Twitter messages any time someone checks into your store on Foursquare. Just like quick service restaurant Arby’s, you can use the Twitter messaging tool in Silverpop’s PlacePunch platform to instantly engage with customers. Who knows, like Arby’s, you might also send more than 13,000 messages and enjoy an impressive 16 percent click-through rate on your email and SMS messages!

Automated marketing platforms eliminate the silos we’ve used in the past for location-based marketing. Connect the dots from what you’re doing now — in email, mobile and social — to empower LBM in dramatic new ways, and you’ll reach customers when they’re most likely to buy.

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