Silverpop - 5 Top-Rated Silverpop Marketing White Papers and Tip Sheets of 2013
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5 Top-Rated Silverpop Marketing White Papers and Tip Sheets of 2013

Ryan McNally
by: Ryan McNally (@RyanMcNally39)
30 December 2013

In 2013, marketing continued to evolve at breakneck speeds, and Silverpop produced a record number of white papers and tip sheets loaded with digital marketing strategies, tips and tactics aimed at helping marketers keep pace and drive engagement and revenue.

Here are our five most popular pieces, as determined by user ratings. We hope they provide you with new ideas, inspire your marketing efforts and prove as helpful to you as they have to other marketers!

7 Tips for Incorporating SMS5) “7 Tips for Incorporating SMS into Your Marketing Efforts

With 90 percent of text messages read within three minutes, many marketers have started incorporating SMS into their messaging mix to better communicate with customers and prospects. But if all you’re doing — or thinking about doing at some point — is sending the same generic one-off text messages to all your mobile subscribers, you’re barely scratching the  surface of what you can do with this dynamic communication channel. This tip sheet outlines seven advanced ways to use SMS to enhance your marketing efforts.

15 Tips for Enhancing Your Marketing Team's Vision, Skills and Data4) “15 Tips for Enhancing Your Marketing Team’s Vision, Skills and Data

Advances in marketing automation technology have provided exciting new ways to engage contacts on a 1:1 level. But to take full advantage of marketing technology’s potential to deliver an enhanced customer experience and maximize ROI, you need three other pieces of the marketing puzzle: vision, skills and data. This white paper outlines 15 tips for how you can approach these three areas to build a rock-solid foundation that enables you to use marketing automation technology to deliver an  amazing experience that helps nurture buyers, build loyalty and drive revenue.

7 Digital Marketing Strategies Made Better Through an Integrated Marketing Platform3) “7 Digital Marketing Strategies Made Better Through an Integrated Marketing Platform

Extending your digital marketing toolbox by integrating with related marketing technologies can help solve the two critical challenges facing every company today: the need to collect data, and the ability to act on it. From real-time cart recovery messages and personalized product recommendations to predictive analytics and more, this white paper digs into seven digital marketing strategies made better through an integrated marketing platform, explaining how they can enhance your marketing programs, offering tips for implementing them, and providing success stories from the field.

Creating Real-time Individualized Campaigns2) “Creating Real-Time Individualized Campaigns Around Every Imaginable Buyer Behavior

Today’s customers and prospects are interacting with you via the Web, emails, mobile apps, social media, SMS, check-ins and, of course, offline. So how can you capture and connect across multiple channels with relevant content in a timely fashion? In this white paper, we talk about the role of a unified master database and a powerful interaction engine in connecting on a multichannel level, and serve up five real-world ideas for cross-channel, individualized, real-time interactions that will boost prospect and customer engagement.

20 Ways to Personalize Email and Web Content1) “20 Ways to Personalize Content and Enhance the Customer Experience

The advent of new communication channels has led to more marketing and advertising noise, forcing many people to tune businesses out because they can’t keep up. What’s the solution for those marketers who want to deliver an awesome customer experience to a larger portion of their database? Serving up individualized Web and email content for each person, rather than the same ol’ generic copy for every contact. Here are 20 ideas to get you started, complete with real-life success stories.


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