Silverpop - 5 Most Popular Silverpop White Papers and Tip Sheets of 2015
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5 Most Popular Silverpop White Papers and Tip Sheets of 2015

Ryan McNally
by: Ryan McNally (@RyanMcNally39)
08 January 2016

Most marketers are always looking for new resources to help them achieve their objectives, and so in 2015 we published nearly 20 ebooks, white papers and tip sheets. The goal? Make digital marketers’ lives a little easier by providing ideas for driving stronger engagement, delivering outstanding customer experiences and increasing revenue.

Here are the five thought leadership pieces that drove the most downloads and highest ratings in 2015, followed by a few bonus selections. Hope they help lift you to greater marketing heights in 2016!

5 Challenges to Building a Loyalty Program5) “5 Challenges to Building a Loyalty Program – and How to Overcome Them

“How do I remain top of mind and build lifelong buying relationships?” is a more pressing question than ever for marketers. Loyalty programs is one common answer, and this tip sheet addresses some common challenges when creating these initiatives – margins, executive buy-in, cross-channel experience, etc. – so you can build a loyalty program your customers will love.

10 Tips for Driving Engagement Using Email + Social4) “10 Tips for Driving Engagement Using Email + Social

We all know that the email and social channels are key to successful marketing, but leveraging the combined forces of the two is often easier said the done. Dive into this tip sheet and get ideas for how you can use email and social together to drive database growth, increase revenue and deliver a better cross-channel customer experience.


Customer Journey Maps and Buyer Personas3) “Customer Journey Maps and Buyer Personas: The Modern Toolkit for Marketers

There are more ways to interact with businesses than ever, but as we’ve all seen, this doesn’t always translate to a positive customer experience. In this white paper, you’ll discover how customer journey maps and buyer persona marketing can facilitate your contacts’ purchase decisions and improve the customer experience.

The New CMO Guide2) “The New CMO Guide: A Handbook for Digital Marketing Leaders

Whether you’re a marketing executive or just have aspirations to reach that level, this ebook will provide a framework for building a fantastic team, hitting your most audacious goals and achieving outstanding success. Get tips for assimilating other people’s viewpoints, determining critical success factors, developing a game plan and much more.


Email Marketing Metrics Benchmark Study1) “2015 Email Marketing Metrics Benchmark Study

This annual report is always one of our most popular pieces, and this year we added more graphics and tips than ever to help bring the data to life and provide marketers with tactics they might use to reach the “top performers” level documented within. Give it a look and see how you measure up in terms of opens, click-throughs, list churn and more.


More Most-Downloaded and Top-Rated Content:

1) White Paper: “10 Key Marketing Trends for 2016 and Ideas for Delivering Exceptional Customer Experiences

2) Tip Sheet: “10 Tips for Getting Started with Mobile App Push Notifications

3) White Paper: “Unsubscribe Best Practices: How to Decrease Database Churn and Strengthen Your Marketing Program


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