Silverpop - 5 Most Popular Silverpop White Papers and Tip Sheets of 2014
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5 Most Popular Silverpop White Papers and Tip Sheets of 2014

Ryan McNally
by: Ryan McNally (@RyanMcNally39)
14 January 2015

In 2014, the customer journey continued to evolve in exciting and unexpected ways, and Silverpop produced nearly 20 white papers and tip sheets loaded with digital marketing strategies, tips and tactics aimed at helping marketers keep pace and drive the best possible experience for their customers and prospects.

Here are our five most popular pieces of 2014, based on total downloads and user rating. We hope they provide you with new ideas, inspire your marketing efforts and prove as helpful to you as they have other marketers!

Lapsed Customers5) “How to Identify and Win Back Lapsed Customers

Minimizing customer defection is a no-brainer when it comes to building revenue, but how can you best go about defining customer inactivity, let alone go about winning back these lapsed customers? Learn how you can use a data-driven approach to accurately identify your lapsed customers and then utilize personalized campaigns to recapture their attention.


White Space4) “5 Tips for "White Space" Emails that Educate, Entertain, and Engage

While it’s a good idea to make sure there’s enough “white space” within your emails, this tip sheet isn’t about following good design best practices to give readers’ eyes a break. Rather, it’s about providing customers a respite from the “buy-buy-buy” tone of your messaging stream. Discover how you can break through the clutter, deepen your bond with customers and drive more revenue by incorporating “white space” emails into your messaging mix.


Assessment3) “Ultimate Guide to Assessing your Digital Marketing Program

When was the last time you took the time to evaluate how your campaigns are performing? If you’re like many marketers, you barely have time to catch your breath between moving from one initiative to the next, which could impede your progress in the long run. Check out this ebook and learn how to efficiently conduct a self-assessment that enables you to attack upcoming initiatives with renewed vigor and drive improved results.


Post-Purchase2) “15 Post-Purchase Emails that Build Loyalty and Drive Revenue

Many businesses are leaving money on the table by neglecting existing customers in favor of new business. Want to shift your thinking and help nudge contacts to buy repeatedly and become brand advocates? This ebook, packed with examples of 15 post-purchase emails, should provide plenty of inspiration. Ideas range from welcome messages and win-back campaigns to product review requests and product anniversary emails – and many, many more.


Email Benchmark1) “2014 Email Marketing Metrics Benchmark Study

Marketers traditionally download our annual benchmark study in large numbers, and 2014 was no exception. For the first time, this year’s study compared data on transactional emails with non-transactional messages and automated versus manual messages, and some of the performance differences were staggering. Take a look, discover the latest data trends, and see how your results compare to others in your industry.


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