Silverpop - 5 Holiday Acquisition Tactics to Grow Your Database
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5 Holiday Acquisition Tactics to Grow Your Database

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by: Heather Shore (@heathervshore)
02 October 2013

It’s (almost) the most wonderful time of the year, as the song goes. It’s a time for holiday cheer — and for moving the acquisition needle. So this holiday season, make sure that amongst the season’s campaign deployments, you remember to implement some new growth tactics to help you achieve your acquisition targets. 

To help you with the task, here are some tried-and-true ways to grow your database quickly this holiday season and provide a great return on your time.

1) Tie in paid search.

Run a Google AdWords campaign in which you ask for an email address (see example below). Think carefully about what keywords or themes you should target, including both general terms such as “Cyber Monday,” “Black Friday,” “holiday gifts” and “free shipping,” as well as niche terms specific to your business. This will help you increase your prominence and online activity in the form of clicks and conversions.

Google AdWords Campaign Example


2) Implement a holiday season pop-over asking for email address.

The holiday season should represent your company’s busiest traffic season of the year. In addition to making sure you’re capturing email addresses in all prominent locations on your website, consider using a pop-over to drive even more opt-ins.

In general, I advise collecting only an email address during this process. Then, once these contacts are a part of your email program, you can use progressive profiling to gather more information. Our client WebMD used this approach for its newsletter sign-ups and saw a 15 percent increase in database size. Bottom line? Used judiciously, pop-overs are a great acquisition tactic that consumers are increasingly used to in their online experiences.

3) Send a push message out to your app asking mobile users to sign up for email.

Maybe you offer a “10 percent off” promo for their next purchase to sweeten the deal. Regardless, by communicating with mobile app users via app messaging, you’re showing you understand their communication preferences and tailoring those communications appropriately. As you gather additional data down the line, you can use it to personalize content within the app.

4) Cross-promote email sign-ups in your transactional messages.

Putting a banner in the header or side of the email is just another way to capture someone’s attention right after a purchase. Use dynamic content so customers who have already subscribed to your newsletter receive a different piece of content in this section.

5) Advertise with banners in publisher networks.

Or, send third-party dedicated emails to your target audiences. Both tactics work similarly to display advertising and offer another way to garner email addresses during a busy season.

Unsure what database acquisition tactics to start with your this holiday season? I recommend putting a pop-over in place and asking for email in your search campaigns. By implementing those first, you should see immediate increases in email sign-ups during this high-traffic time. Here’s to hitting your targets by year’s end and having a happy holiday season!

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