Silverpop - 3 Tools for More Effective Customer Acquisition (Video)
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3 Tools for More Effective Customer Acquisition (Video)

by: Stephen Dumas (@IBMforMarketing)
12 November 2015

The reality for most marketers is that they spend a lot of time and money on customer acquisition. Simply put, it’s a business imperative. Fortunately, with certain tools, your acquisition efforts can be even more effective. Here are several I recommend:

1) Web Tracking

Prospects that come to your site provide you valuable implicit data about their product interests and tastes. Email acquisition efforts, such as opt-in pop-ups, are a great way to entice them to be part of your email program, but what if they choose not to? And what do you know about them if they do opt in?

Web tracking is a tool that allows you to capture data even before visitors have opted in and records a profile with data about what pages they browsed while on your site. If they opt in later, this data can be used to personalize the first email experience.

2) Behavioral Database

Having data in disparate locations is a typical challenge for marketers. Having a marketing database that allows you the flexibility to query stored data easily — using plain language — provides marketers with the opportunity to fully utilize the data points collected from multiple areas of the business, including Web tracking, Web analytics, ecommerce platforms, etc. Tactically, a dynamic database allows profiles to be updated with real-time data so marketing messages are deployed with dynamic and relevant content.

3) Automated Browse Remarketing and Welcome Series

Automation allows you to message prospective customers in a super-personalized way as long as you’re collecting and leveraging website behavior. The combination of automation and personalization drives increased opens, clicks and conversions for each of these types of trigger programs. A welcome series can leverage specific browse behaviors to augment and enhance content, helping to ensure early engagement and faster conversion.

These tools and others can help you convert prospects to customers more quickly. Watch the “Relationship Marketing 101: Engagement & Acquisition” video to see how this works:


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