Silverpop - 3 Quick Tips for Changing Your “From” or “Sending” Domain
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3 Quick Tips for Changing Your “From” or “Sending” Domain

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by: Jeff Dellapina (@IBMforMarketing)
22 January 2014

It seems every month someone on our deliverability team fields a question about changing the “From” domain used in a mailing. We’re asked if there will be any deliverability impact and if there any recommendations we can provide to make the transition to the new domain smoother.

The first factor to consider is that there’s a sender reputation associated with both the IP address and the “From” domain used in the mailings. Changing to a different “From” domain will result in you losing the reputation associated with that domain, but the reputation related to the IP address will still remain. 

Secondly, you can expect some deliverability impact for those recipients who saved your address in their address book. The good news is that the number of people who use an address book isn’t that high, and if you’re sending good content to active openers, your messages will be delivered.

Of course, this depends on the new domain having all the correct DNS records in place. The required DNS records are the SPF (Sender Policy Framework ) and DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail ).

Here are three quick tips for changing your “From” or sending domain:

1) Tell your recipients a new domain is coming.

Give them a heads-up three to five mailings before the change, and ask them to add the new domain to the address book. I recommend using a banner across the top of the mailing to convey this information.

2) Give them a final reminder.

On the last email before the change, tell contacts that the next mailing will have the new domain and will be delivered on Tuesday, for example. Let them know that if they don’t see the mailing by late Tuesday to check the bulk folder.

3) Send to your most engaged contacts first.

Sending to only your most active openers/clickers for the first three to five mailings will build up a good reputation for the new “From” domain.  After that fifth send, I would then recommend introducing your more inactive addresses to the mix.

If you’re prepared, sometimes a little change can be a good thing.

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