Silverpop - 3 Marketing Takeaways from Amplify EMEA 2015
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3 Marketing Takeaways from Amplify EMEA 2015

by: Laura Brown (@laurabrowny)
30 September 2015

Every year London plays host to Amplify EMEA, and 2015’s customer conference was bigger, better and more thought-provoking than ever.

It’s not easy to distill such a rich day of content into one blog post, but here’s my best attempt at sharing three essentially awesome Amplify takeaways:

1) Mobile: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

There’s no getting away from it – mobile is everywhere. Actually, I’m willing to bet a mobile device is within a hand’s grasp of 99.9% of people reading this article now. So, it’s no surprise that at Amplify EMEA 2015, mobile was everywhere too, from the keynote demonstration to workshops on best practice HTML rendering to our customer presentations. 

As I’ve been thinking about why we’re still so focused on mobile, I came up with the Daft Punk song analogy referenced in the header above because mobile marketing is harder! For starters, it requires gathering data that we as consumers are precious about – I’ll give out my email a hundred times over, but my mobile number goes only to my most trusted “best friend” brands. Further, getting the tone and timing right in mobile marketing is even more critical than in email.

Still, there was a general recognition, evident in our customer presentations, that those using mobile with email, social and Web saw better results, increased customer satisfaction and an easily attributable rise in revenue. Mobile is also faster, with 90 percent of consumers reading a text message within three minutes of receiving it. (Interested? Read “7 Tips for Incorporating SMS into Your Marketing Efforts.”)

If you have information, updates or offers that need attention, a mobile push notification is also an intriguing option, less intrusive than SMS, speedier than email and convenient for those marketers looking to bridge offline and online – perhaps through iBeacon marketing or simply sending an easily redeemable special offer voucher.

That’s the beauty of multichannel marketing campaigns that utilise mobile. They create stronger campaigns, stronger brand ties and loyalty, and when executed properly, stronger ROI.

2) Marketing is a journey, not a destination.

One of my favourite takeaways this year came not from one of the seminars or keynotes, but from some networking conversation with one of our customers, a large, multinational publisher. I asked its marketing manager how he’d found his day. He replied that he attended a lot of marketing conferences and always comes away with plenty of ideas and inspiration, but also anxiety at knowing that those ideas are difficult to resource, manage and get buy-in from a wider executive team.

What he found unusual about Amplify was the announcement of new tools, such as Journey Designer, that can help with both the planning and strategy and tactical execution. As a marketer, it can be frustrating to never seem to get to the bottom of that “to do” list, so any tool that helps put the customer experience front and centre is welcome!

You can read more on Journey Designer and how it can help create moments of serendipity for your customers here.

3) Marketers are sociable types!

We’re a sociable bunch – we really are. Amplify EMEA 2015 created over 3.2 million social impressions, and some interesting, insightful and amusing tweets. Even our software is sociable! Silverpop has an amazing partner ecosystem, and this year we had more partners on hand than ever before to illustrate how IBM Marketing Cloud can work with your existing systems to create results that encompass all areas of your business.

This year also saw more of our customers give presentations. Not every profession has a bunch of people that create stunning results and are also willing to share how they got there with their peers! This year’s customer presentations were the ones followed by the most questions, indicating the interest in real marketers overcoming real challenges to create really valuable results.

That’s my biggest takeaway from Amplify EMEA 2015 – let’s not wait another year before we interact again! Let’s attend our local marketing meet-up groups and network — if not offline, then certainly online. I’d urge our customers to be active in our community, and for friends of Silverpop to engage on social media, whether it be Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. The EMEA marketing community is professional, proud and bursting with ideas, so let’s keep it going so we have even better results to discuss in 2016!

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