Silverpop - 3 Books That Will Expand Marketers’ Minds
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3 Books That Will Expand Marketers’ Minds

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by: Adam Steinberg (@adams472)
21 February 2014

The most helpful business books expose you to fresh ideas and provide you with new tools to grow your career. In the case of these three books, I didn’t read them with a marketer’s hat on, but I’ve ended up using the insights they provided within my roles as a marketer. They may not be “marketing” books, but they will help you be a better marketer.

Blue Ocean Strategy1) Blue Ocean StrategyA new classic on how to create differentiated customer experiences. The “Blue Ocean” referenced in the title is achieved when your products are completely unique and your competitors are irrelevant. Examples from the book include Dyson, Southwest Airlines and Cirque du Soleil.

Why it’s great for marketers: Whether you want to avoid unsubscribes, increase click-through rates or boost loyalty, Blue Ocean Strategy helps you create an experience that no competitor can match.


Fooled by Randomness2) Fooled by RandomnessWhile the book reads as a treatise on the role of chance in financial markets, the implications for marketers are profound. Was the winner of your A/B test due to your clever subject line? Or, was it the result of more people in your “B” test group just happening to be online at that time?

Why it’s great for marketers: Fooled by Randomness provides a critical foundation for evaluating if your marketing programs’ successes are due to careful planning or simple chance.


Lean Analytics3) Lean Analytics – What’s your one metric that matters? Although Lean Analytics is aimed at entrepreneurs, the concepts within will help marketers establish, evaluate and grow their marketing programs. The book advocates for using fewer KPIs within your organization and instead focusing on one metric at a time that’s key to growing your business. By the time you’re done reading, you’ll have a framework and tools to measure your effectiveness.

Why it’s great for marketers: Is your one metric that matters email sign-ups, new leads, conversion rate, social sharing or something else? Lean Analytics will help you find that metric and grow it.


So, what books have your read lately that you’d recommend to fellow marketers? Please share your recommendations in the “Comments” area below.

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