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Silverpop Unveils Progressive Web Forms and Multiple Scoring Models

Silverpop Unveils Progressive Web Forms and Multiple Scoring Models

New Tools Help Marketers Build Stronger Customer and Prospect Relationships

ATLANTA, April 27, 2011-Accumulating data about customers and prospects is an important component of a successful nurturing program.  But, asking for too much information too soon or failing to use the knowledge you gather to inform your messaging can lead to impatient and uninterested contacts. To help marketers address these two issues, Silverpop®, the only provider of a scalable, integrated email marketing and marketing automation platform, has added Progressive Web Forms and Multiple Lead Scoring models to its arsenal of marketing tools.

Asking contacts to provide answers to too many questions during their initial interaction, or repeatedly asking for the same information, can lead to form abandonment. With Silverpop's new Progressive Web Forms builder, marketers can pose new questions each time a contact visits their website or landing page, steadily gaining deeper insight into their interests. To incorporate this feature into their campaigns, Silverpop customers simply prioritize the list of questions they would like to ask their contacts, and indicate how many should be addressed during each exchange. 

"Most people, fortunately, don't shake hands and immediately share their entire life story within the first 30 seconds of meeting someone new.  And online relationships shouldn't be any different," said Bryan Brown, director of product strategy for Silverpop.  "The strongest relationships develop over time and involve give and take.  When you ask contacts to share information with you, you need to be prepared to use that knowledge to develop more relevant and engaging dialogues with them."

One way to ensure these conversations are highly relevant is to develop scoring models that rank contacts based on their level of engagement and likelihood to purchase.  Silverpop's new Multiple Lead Scoring functionality lets customers take the scoring process one step further by creating multiple scoring models that segment based on different product lines, geographies, behaviors or loyalty levels from within the same database. And, these scoring models can be easily printed, allowing marketers to provide a visual picture of the criteria they are using to determine who is ready to buy and who is just starting their research.

"A  contact who has no interest in a certain product may be still be ready to make a sizeable purchase or serve as a valuable brand advocate based on his interest in a different offering that is better suited to his particular needs," Brown added.  "By creating multiple scoring models within the same database you can develop a more accurate picture of your customer base and plan accordingly."

The launch of Progressive Web Forms and Multiple Lead Scoring models is part of Silverpop's most recent product release.  With the Engage 8.3 release, Silverpop continues its commitment to innovation in the online marketing space.  Along with these two new features, Silverpop customers will also benefit from more social-sharing options, increased integration with CRM systems and the addition of a SnoozeTM feature that allows recipients to put a company's marketing messages on hold for a period of time rather than unsubscribing from the program.

About Silverpop

Silverpop is the only marketing technology provider that offers a powerful marketing automation solution built atop a scalable email marketing platform. The company has more than a decade of experience empowering marketers to deliver highly relevant communications that efficiently drive revenue while also building brand loyalty. Companies rely on the Silverpop Engage platform to create and manage sophisticated multichannel marketing campaigns that nurture customer and prospect relationships from interest to conversion and beyond. Silverpop's industry-leading thought capital, strategic counsel and customer service, combined with an extensive ecosystem of world class partners, allow its customers to quickly and cost-effectively automate even the most complex campaigns-improving marketing results and increasing ROI. With a presence in the United States, Europe and Australia, Silverpop is trusted by leading brands around the globe. Visit us at


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