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U.K. Retailers Implement Email Marketing Best Practices to Keep Brands Top of Mind

U.K. Retailers Implement Email Marketing Best Practices to Keep Brands Top of Mind

Silverpop study finds marketers fighting inbox clutter with relevancy and personalisation

LONDON, 27 May 2010-With almost half of U.K. adults now shopping online, U.K. retailers are interested in maximising online marketing tactics. And a recent Silverpop® study found many seek to improve results and increase ROI through carefully designed email campaigns.

For the study, Silverpop, an on-demand provider of an email marketing and marketing automation platform serving the needs of sophisticated, self-service B2C and B2B marketers, reviewed the email marketing programs of the top 100 retailers in the United Kingdom. The findings reveal attempts to rise above growing inbox clutter by offering choices at opt-in and by personalising subject lines.

Among the reviewed U.K. retailers with email marketing programs, nearly half presented subscribers with the opportunity to declare preferences during the opt-in process.  This number is 40 percent greater than in the United States, where just one third of the Top 500 retailers offered subscribers similar options. In another effort to stand out in the inbox, retailers in the United Kingdom were twice as likely as those across the pond to grab their recipients' attention with personalised subject lines. 

"U.K. retailers are tackling inbox clutter in all the right ways, by focusing on creating the highly relevant and personal emails online shoppers crave," said Will Schnabel, vice president of international markets for Silverpop. "With consumers exerting more control over their purchasing decisions than ever, giving them what they want is crucial to a campaign's success."

Other survey data revealed that U.K. retailers are less likely than American retailers to engage email recipients with sales and discounts. Only 58 percent of the top retailers in the United Kingdom included incentives in their emails, while nearly nine of 10 of the U.S. Top 500 catered to shoppers' desires to save money.  And in both countries, a relatively small percentage connect their unsubscribe link to a preference centre, a risky move that may be resulting in email lists that are shrinking unnecessarily.

"Not everyone who clicks on your unsubscribe link wants to never hear from your company again. Some people just want certain aspects of the relationship to change," Schnabel said.  "U.K. retailers are clearly familiar with the effectiveness of preference centres at opt-in and should incorporate them throughout the customer lifecycle, not just at the beginning of the relationship."

To download a complimentary copy of the complete study, "U.K. Retailers Fight Inbox Clutter to Keep Brands Top of Mind," click here.

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