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Follett Software Company Achieves More Than 8,000 Percent ROI on Marketing Campaign Powered by Silverpop

Follett Software Company Achieves More Than 8,000 Percent ROI on Marketing Campaign Powered by Silverpop

Follett Software Company has achieved more than 8,000 percent ROI on a successful marketing campaign powered by Silverpop. The campaign was so successful that they received a gold award at MarketingSherpa’s 5th Annual Email Marketing Awards.

March 2, 2010- Known for empowering educators with its comprehensive educational resource management solutions, Follett Software Company was certain many customers weren't taking full advantage of all the services that could enhance their library management product. Informative email and direct mailers weren't resonating with the customer base. As a result, the company turned up its creativity, creating a "try it before you buy it" campaign to cross sell its most popular product, TitlePeekTM, to current customers.

While marketing hoped to achieve a 2 to 5 percent conversion rate on the campaign, it achieved results significantly higher. In fact, the campaign was so successful that Follett Software recently received a gold award at MarketingSherpa's 5th Annual Email Marketing Awards in the category of Best Promotional Email Message.

"We distributed two email communications to clients who had never subscribed to our TitlePeekTM product before-the first announcing a free trial of the product and the second reminding them they had two weeks left before the trial was over," said Kathleen Schroeder, product marketing manager.
"Using Silverpop's marketing automation solution, we were able to integrate reporting with our CRM system so we could track results from start to finish."

The results were phenomenal. Six months after the campaign launch, conversion rates were over 17 percent and the program delivered an ROI of more than 8,000 percent, far exceeding the company's original campaign goals. Schroeder said the marketing team is looking forward to creating many other successful campaigns based on this model.

"Silverpop's B2B marketing automation solution made it easy to analyze responses to the campaign,"  said Schroeder. "The reports proved the success as the campaign progressed, and helped gain management buy-in to offer these types of trial programs for some of our other products."

"Follett Software Company is a prime example of how creative strategy combined with a robustly sophisticated marketing automation solution can harvest powerful results," said Silverpop's CEO Bill Nussey. "And the ability to dig into the metrics of a B2B campaign to better understand what drives customers to conversion can be seen as a critical component to a highly successful program like this."

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