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Silverpop Positioned to Usher in a New Age of Engagement Marketing

Silverpop Positioned to Usher in a New Age of Engagement Marketing

Silverpop rolls out its new brand Web site that features resources outlining how B2B and B2C marketers can more fully engage with customers and prospects.

ATLANTA, Feb. 23, 2009 - Silverpop, a leading provider of online marketing solutions, underscored its leadership position in the new age of engagement marketing as it rolled out its new brand and Web site that features resources outlining how B2B and B2C marketers can more fully engage with customers and prospects.

"The concepts behind engagement marketing have been in place for many years, but only recently have marketers begun to realize─and grow concerned about─the true, fundamental shift occurring in the marketplace," said Bill Nussey, CEO of Silverpop. "Marketing has always been about relevance and relationships, but engagement marketing takes this one giant step further into a world where customers assert more control over the brand and fully expect companies to participate in dialogues with them."

Engagement marketing recognizes that both consumers and business customers are more informed than ever before, and rapidly emerging online communities give them a platform to actually influence how brands and product preferences evolve. Engagement marketing listens as often as it speaks. It understands individuals-not just audiences-and it works to achieve anticipation instead of interruption.

To help marketers succeed in the new age of engagement marketing, Silverpop's new Web site at offers a wealth of articles, white papers, case studies, blog postings and best practice recommendations. The company is also renaming its email marketing platform Silverpop Engage. Its Vtrenz lead management and marketing automation solution, recognized by JupiterResearch as offering both the highest overall business value and highest market suitability, is renamed Silverpop Engage B2B.

"Silverpop is uniquely prepared to take a leadership role in the world of engagement marketing," Nussey said. "The company's innovative solutions have consistently helped close the gap between sellers and buyers."

Silverpop has achieved solid growth in clients, revenues and prestige over the years. The company grew significantly in 2008, adding 30 percent more clients to its roster and driving revenue up 40 percent from the previous year. Strong growth in EMEA markets as well as a doubling of revenue for its lead management and marketing automation solution have put Silverpop in a strong position to usher in a new approach to engaging with customers and prospects. 

"We will certainly continue to focus on our core strengths of email and B2B marketing automation," Nussey said.  "The email platform is morphing into the communications dashboard for a wide variety of engagement marketing touch points. Today, Silverpop clients' centralized databases can be used to personalize messages sent through a variety of channels to customers and prospects. Additionally, information can flow into these databases from other applications, yielding truly engaging messages that drive brand influence and revenue in new and powerful ways."

For example, Silverpop's new Share-to-Social feature is used by hundreds of B2C marketers to let email recipients and Web site visitors easily become brand ambassadors, sharing content with peers on their favorite social networks. And Silverpop's analytics and reporting tools give B2B and B2C marketers the power to identify their most avid brand advocates. Another unique Silverpop feature helps companies engage with customers and prospects by automatically sending messages at the time of day when each individual recipient is most likely to be receptive. For B2B marketers whose efforts support a direct sales team, Silverpop's Engage B2B platform (formerly Vtenz) offers the industry's most advanced lead-scoring features, which immediately identify and alert marketers and sales reps which prospects and customers are ready to be engaged.

"We are truly excited about fine-tuning and developing more breakthrough approaches that will help accelerate our clients' successes in building brands and lifetime customers," Nussey said.
To learn more about the strategies and tactics of engagement marketing, and to download new white papers that provide a wealth of knowledge and insights for B2C and B2B marketers, visit

About Silverpop
Silverpop's Engagement Marketing suite helps turn prospects into customers, and customers into fans. Silverpop's Web-based solutions enable companies worldwide to build relationships with customers and prospects through the creation, automation and delivery of relevant, online messaging.

Companies rely on the Silverpop Engage platform to create and manage multi-channel marketing campaigns that reach millions of individuals-one at a time-enhancing lifetime customer value and brand loyalty. Silverpop's Engage B2B platform seamlessly scores sales leads, nurtures them through the pipeline and measures campaign return-on-investment. And Silverpop's strategic counsel, service and support helps clients with the precise level of training and advice needed to quickly improve campaign results and ROI. Silverpop makes it easy and affordable for marketers to create, automate and execute campaigns...from first click to lifetime customer. With offices in the United States, England and Germany, Silverpop's engagement marketing technologies are used by industry-leading brands around the globe. Best practices and white papers are available at

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