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B2B Lead Management E-Book - Lead Management Best Practices | Silverpop

B2B Lead Management E-Book - Lead Management Best Practices | Silverpop

Lead management strategies, tactics and worksheets to win business and drive revenue

ATLANTA, February 10, 2009 - Struggling to attract and win new customers is a constant challenge for B2B marketers. Silverpop's new e-book, "Lead Management Workbook: Advice and Worksheets to Develop a Strategic, Results-Driven B2B Marketing Program" has been created to provide a concise overview of the subject and offer actionable advice.

The workbook helps B2B marketers to better understand, acknowledge and respond to the evolving lead-management techniques that can make a dramatic difference in sales results. It covers topics such as lead scoring, lead nurturing, types of data important to capture, ROI measurements and more.

Silverpop CEO Bill Nussey says structuring a process to successfully manage sales leads has never been more important for B2B marketers. "For far too long, lead management solutions have been looked upon as discretionary, but marketing automation and demand management technologies are now critical for improving workflows and the bottom line," said Nussey. "This book offers B2B marketers step-by-step guidance on the strategies and tactics of implementing a solid lead management program."

According to analyst firm Aberdeen Group, 92 percent of B2B marketers said they were satisfied with the overall cost of a demand generation solution compared with the value returned to the organization.

"In an economy where every B2B marketer is trying to do more with less, this book spells out how to reap huge rewards by better optimizing your existing leads," said Joan Babinski, vice president of marketing, Brainshark. "By following the lesson plans in this book, you'll create better marketing and sales alignment while not only increasing marketing's contribution to the revenues, but demonstrating ROI to your entire organization."

The 39-page workbook was compiled using research, thought capital from Silverpop's Engage B2B senior-level executives and industry-related lead management best practices.

About Silverpop Engage B2B
Engage B2B is the leading provider of integrated, on-demand marketing automation solutions, and empowers organizations of all sizes to generate demand for their products and services, close more sales and measure the impact of their marketing activities. Engage B2B delivers demand management capabilities to companies in diverse industries, including clients such as Ciena, Edgar Online, Pitney Bowes and United Way.


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