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WebTrends and Silverpop Integration Delivers a Powerful Marketing Solution

WebTrends and Silverpop Integration Delivers a Powerful Marketing Solution

For Automated, Relevant and Targeted Email Messages

PORTLAND, Ore., Nov. 8, 2007 -- WebTrends Inc., a leading provider of consumer-centric analytics and marketing intelligence solutions, and Silverpop, a premier email service provider (ESP), today announced the first integration between an e-mail service provider and WebTrends Marketing Lab 2. The combined solutions give marketers the ability to proactively identify their most valuable Web site visitors, and to schedule automated email communications that can drive both online and offline business conversions.

WebTrends Marketing Lab 2 enables organizations to accurately identify individual Web site visitors, build a profile of their behavior over time and assign customized values to the actions they are taking. This thorough understanding of visitor activities powers organizations with the information they need to schedule automated, targeted emails using Silverpop's enterprise email marketing solution. Based on the rich visitor information that is delivered by WebTrends, the Silverpop solution constantly monitors a variety of deliverability scenarios so that high-volume, dynamic, personalized and highly scalable email communications can be automatically delivered to a company's customers and prospects.

Silverpop is part of WebTrends Open Exchange, the marketing solutions network that combines the award-winning WebTrends Marketing Lab 2 with best-of-breed solutions for ad serving, content management, customer relationship management, email marketing, enterprise campaign management, site search, targeting and optimization, user experience, web site monitoring and other marketing applications.

"Silverpop has a long history for providing solutions that give organizations the power to deliver communications that are relevant to their customers," said Silverpop CEO Bill Nussey. "WebTrends Marketing Lab provides a unique level of insight and an unprecedented visitor scoring methodology that gives marketers the ability to increase their conversation points with their prospects and customers - and ultimately influence conversion and foster long-term relationships."

"Our partner strategy enables seamless integration of best-of-breed technology solutions based on specific customer requirements that allow marketers to gain a competitive advantage by delivering unique marketing to unique individuals," said Tim Kopp, chief marketing officer at WebTrends. "Silverpop is a certified WebTrends Open Exchange partner that delivers the expertise for organizations to create and execute a comprehensive email marketing strategy by utilizing deep insight from WebTrends Marketing Lab 2."

To learn more about the integration between WebTrends Marketing Lab 2 and Silverpop, visit: http://www.webtrends.com/Products/WebTrendsOpenExchange.aspx.

About Silverpop
Silverpop, a premier email service provider, supports the online relationship marketing needs of enterprise organizations by delivering the world's most comprehensive array of on-demand Web-based software solutions. Its software-as-a-service approach makes it easy and affordable for marketers to create, automate and execute lifecycle multi-channel marketing campaigns that are timely, relevant and measurable. Offering highly scalable tools supporting both high-volume BtoC marketing initiatives as well as high-involvement BtoB sales processes, Silverpop delivers a robust solution not available elsewhere in the marketplace.

With offices throughout the United States and in the United Kingdom, Silverpop is the only company that has appeared as one of the top two enterprise-oriented email service providers each of the last three years in JupiterResearch's annual evaluation. Silverpop provides online relationship marketing support to industry leading companies including Fossil, The Bombay Company, British Sky Broadcasting and more. Best practices and white papers are available at www.silverpop.com.

About WebTrends Inc.
Since 1993, WebTrends has provided the market with web analytics solutions that help marketers measure and improve web sites and online marketing. Today, WebTrends Marketing Lab delivers comprehensive analytics, dynamic advertising optimization and deep visitor intelligence to drive customer engagement and power targeted marketing. Thousands of leading global organizations, including General Mills, IKEA, Microsoft, Reuters and Ticketmaster have chosen WebTrends solutions and proven client services expertise to optimize their marketing initiatives. For more information, visit www.webtrends.com.

WebTrends is a registered trademark of WebTrends Inc. in the United States and other countries. All other trademarks and registered trademarks are the properties of their respective owners.


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