Silverpop - New Silverpop Solution Enhances Customer Communications
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New Silverpop Solution Enhances Customer Communications

New Silverpop Solution Enhances Customer Communications Integration Improves CRM Messaging and Management

ATLANTA, June 20, 2005 -- Communicating with prospective and current customers at critical times has become significantly easier with a new integration from Silverpop, a leading provider of permission-based email marketing solutions, strategy and services.

The integration allows companies using and Silverpop to share data across both applications. This functionality enables marketers to better manage email communications to customers and prospects, providing ease in sending new mailings, viewing recipient history, utilizing joint suppression lists and adding recipients to lists for future mailings.

"This integration with's leading customer relationship management (CRM) application offers real benefits to sales and marketing professionals," said Bill Nussey, CEO of Silverpop. "It makes it significantly easier to communicate in very meaningful, one-to-one ways with prospects and customers."

Silverpop's integration allows marketers to create locked-down templates for customer communications that are accessed through Mailings therefore follow appropriately branded and company-approved formats that can include CAN-SPAM compliance elements such as address and opt-out information. And because mailings are actually sent through Silverpop's system, any suppression that exists will automatically be applied.

"This really provides strong tools that benefit CRM efforts," Nussey said. "It brings the power of an enterprise-class email marketing solution to the desktop of sales and marketing professionals for their one-to-one messages. The integration provides the rich data tracking Silverpop offers. It's easy to see a complete recipient history showing when contact was made and what was sent. Reports show opens, click-throughs, bounces and opt-outs. It puts solid, actionable information right at your fingertips."

Another key benefit of the integration is the ability to monitor communications to avoid over-saturating customers or leads with redundant messages. Additionally, when a customer or prospect is flagged "do not email" in, the bi-directional suppression list feature ensures opt-outs are honored through both applications.

 The integration enhances CRM communications and helps speed the process.  It's easy to add leads and contacts to Silverpop lists through utilizing pre-populated forms matching appropriate list fields within Silverpop's application. It not only benefits sales and marketing but support and service professionals/help desk operators as well, who can use the integration to easily send out email as follow-up to inbound support requests and to view marketing messages sent to recipients while on support calls.

About Silverpop
Silverpop is a leading provider of permission-based email marketing solutions, strategy and services. Ranked as having the highest business value and richest feature set by JupiterResearch in 2004, Silverpop was also acknowledged by research company Forrester as a "strong performer" that "stands out with an interface that is quite easy to use while providing strong functionality." Silverpop helps marketers cultivate and maintain long-term strategic relationships with customers and partners by maximizing the potential of email as a relationship tool. Its flexible service model allows marketers to choose from full service or ASP and easily move between the two, making it an ideal solution for marketers at any stage of using email. Silverpop provides email marketing to industry leading companies including The Bombay Company, British Sky Broadcasting, and more


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