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E-mail Authentication Schemes

E-mail Authentication Schemes

Silverpop Leads Industry with Implementation of SPF for its Customers


ATLANTA, April 8, 2004 -- Silverpop, a fast-growing provider of comprehensive permission-based e-mail marketing solutions, announced today it has implemented the first of the new breed of e-mail authentication schemes, Sender Policy Framework (SPF), for its customers.

Authentication schemes are among the most promising new tools in the war against spam. Spam is often difficult to identify and filter because spammers can easily falsify their identities. Authentication schemes, which prevent spammers from falsifying their identity, seek to close this "identification loophole," thus increasing the chance of successfully identifying and filtering spam before it gets to the inbox.

SPF is the first authentication technique to be ready for implementation. This identity technology, which is supported by AOL and is rapidly gaining in popularity, works by checking a worldwide database of servers known as Domain Name System (DNS) against the IP address of an incoming message. If the IP address does not match its DNS record, the message is subject to scrutiny and could potentially be flagged as spam.

There are several other proposals in the works for authenticating e-mail, including "Caller ID" proposed by Microsoft and "DomainKeys" proposed by Yahoo. Both of these are still under development and Silverpop is heavily involved in the early stages of the beta program for CallerID, with functionality testing to begin soon.

"Silverpop is excited about this new approach to battling spam and improving deliverability. Schemes like SPF make it easier for ISPs to differentiate legitimate senders from spammers who would typically hide in the shadows of the Internet,? said Bill Nussey, CEO of Silverpop. ?Our early rollout of SPF is part of our overall commitment to constantly apply technology that will improve the deliverability and response rates of our clients? e-mail communications."

About Silverpop
Silverpop is a permission-based e-mail marketing solutions provider offering a full range of services that include e-mail marketing strategy, campaign management and execution and highly tailored analytics of campaign results. Our client solutions team has the expertise in best practices and e-mail campaign fulfillment to get the job done right, every time. Our solutions are available in either full or self-service, depending on client preferences. Silverpop's customer base includes Apple, The Bombay Company, and AutoNation. For more information visit






ATLANTA, May 19, 2004 -- Silverpop, a leading provider of comprehensive e-mail marketing solutions, announced today the completion of its Second Annual Digital Marketer Customer Conference. The conference, held in Atlanta, brought together attendees representing companies including PriceWaterHouseCoopers, Unum Provident, US Airways, Cooper Lighting, GMAC, The Bombay Company and more.

The two-day conference, which by popular demand doubled in duration from last year, featured both Silverpop speakers and guest speakers addressing issues such as deliverability, new e-mail clients, governance and e-mail policy, advanced campaign automation strategies, e-mail analytics, targeting strategies and more.

David Daniels, Research Director for Jupiter Research and author of several reports on e-mail marketing, presented The E-mail Marketing Renaissance: Leveraging Best Practices to Optimize for the future. The presentation addressed the state of e-mail marketing, best practices and what lies ahead for coordinated cross-channel marketing.

"It was wonderful to interact with so many online marketers in one place and I was happy to participate." - David Daniels, Jupiter Research

Silverpop clients presenting at the conference included CheckFree, Response Media, Targetbase, Sallie Mae and Loyaltyworks. Presentations included success stories of how these clients have worked with Silverpop, as well as comprehensive e-mail analytics, integrating e-mail with other marketing systems, advanced e-mail triggering and more.

Feedback from conference attendees was overwhelmingly positive, with 96 percent of attendees rating the overall experience as "good" or "excellent" in post-conference surveys.

"Being in a position to bring together marketing professionals of this caliber is extremely rewarding. E-mail as a medium is advancing and changing at a rapid pace and holding forums, such as this conference, gives marketers an opportunity to collaborate and learn from each other," said Bill Nussey, CEO of Silverpop. "It is our goal to keep Silverpop's clients ahead of the curve and help them to intelligently use e-mail to grow their business and relationships with their customers."

About Silverpop
Silverpop is a leading provider of permission-based e-mail marketing solutions, strategy and services. Ranked in the Top 5 of all e-mail marketing vendors by Jupiter Research in 2003, Silverpop helps marketers cultivate and maintain long-term strategic relationships with customers and partners by maximizing the potential of e-mail as a relationship tool. Its flexible service model allows marketers to choose from full service, ASP or install, and easily move between the three, making it an ideal solution for marketers at any stage of using e-mail. Silverpop provides e-mail marketing to industry leading companies including The Bombay Company, and more.



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