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Tune in as Radio Silverpop Hits the Airways

Tune in as Radio Silverpop Hits the Airways

Silverpop Launches New Webinar Series on E-mail Marketing Best Practices

ATLANTA, August 21, 2003 -- Silverpop, a fast-growing provider of comprehensive e-mail marketing solutions, announced today the launch of RadioSilverpop, a series of webinars on e-mail marketing trends and issues. The series is an interactive bi-quarterly radio program that will bring participants a forum for discussion and innovative best practices in e-mail communications from industry experts.

RadioSilverpop was created to focus on the issues that are important for effective e-mail communications. Each program features a guest speaker who will participate in an interview with Silverpop's CEO, Bill Nussey. Also during the programs, listeners will be invited to ask questions and share opinions to incite discussion of key industry topics. As the issues surrounding legitimate e-mail marketing become increasingly complex, Silverpop wanted to give marketers a way to share best practices and gain access to what leading experts think about each issue. These programs will also be archived and posted on Silverpop's new customer portal called mySilverpop.

"In RadioSilverpop, we set out to create something different than your typical one-way webinar. Our new program will be a hosted, two-way, interactive forum for marketers and industry experts to discuss today's most important issues," said Bill Nussey, CEO of Silverpop. "Because there is no one reliable source for industry best practices, we are committed to finding the leading thinkers in each topic we present."

The first program will focus on challenge-response technology and the impact that spam filters have on the deliverability of legitimate e-mail messages. Susan Bratton, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Mailblocks, the company that patented challenge-response technology, will be the featured speaker. The program is scheduled for September 9 at 2 p.m. EST and participants can register by visiting

"With these programs, Silverpop has taken the lead in bringing listeners the knowledge they need to successfully and effectively market via e-mail," said Susan Bratton. "Challenge-response is an especially relevant topic today and all legitimate marketers should understand how it works and what it means to their e-mail communications efforts."

About Silverpop
Silverpop is an e-mail marketing solutions provider offering a full range of services that include e-mail marketing strategy, campaign management and execution and highly tailored analytics of campaign results. Our client solutions team has the expertise in best practices and e-mail campaign fulfillment to get the job done right, every time. Our solutions are available in either full or self-service, depending on client preferences. Silverpop's customer base includes Apple, The Bombay Company, and AutoNation. For more information visit



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