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CoreMotives: Product Features to Enable
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration

    Seamless Integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

    By implementing CoreMotives, you can plan, execute and measure success all from within CRM. See who has interacted with your campaigns and website. Know how deep and often a prospect is interacting, without ever leaving your CRM system.

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    Email Marketing

    Advanced email tracking not only lets you know who is interacting with your emails, but it also gives you visibility into which web pages they view as a result of your email. Get full insight into campaign impact and empower your sales team to follow-up with those who express interest.

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    Nurture Marketing

    Sophisticated marketing automation capabilities leveraging behaviors and interactions to maximize campaign effectiveness and drive revenue. Nurture marketing programs are easy to build with CoreMotives’ intuitive interface.

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    Lead Scoring

    Easily assign ranks and values to leads based on a prospect’s interactions, so that the most valuable leads can be routed to sales. Meanwhile, assign the rest to nurture campaigns in order to raise their scores. With this process, salespeople don’t waste time on leads with a low probability of converting—to ensure you that the hottest leads are acted upon with minimal delay.

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    Web Intelligence

    Get a holistic view of your web presence and use that information to make critical sales and marketing decisions. Web searches, social media and paid search campaign results flow directly into Microsoft Dynamics CRM, showing you where your spending is turning into sales opportunities—all in real time.

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    Landing Pages

    Create custom landing pages for events, webinars, whitepaper downloads and more—all from within Microsoft Dynamics CRM and without any help from IT. 

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    Web Forms with Direct Feed to Microsoft Dynamics CRM

    “Smart” web forms automatically connect data to existing Microsoft Dynamics CRM contacts or leads. Convert anonymous website visits into known Microsoft Dynamics CRM records with an automatic lead matching process that eliminates duplicate entries.

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    Efficiently design informative and professional-looking surveys with CoreMotives. Capture responses in Microsoft Dynamics CRM and use logic to set rules to trigger sales follow-up for survey responses. 

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