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Paper Style

Online retailer implements innovative wedding campaign, resulting in a 330% increase in revenue per email

IBM Marketing Cloud has allowed us to combine our customer behavioral and purchase data in order to tailor our messages, giving us a leg up on our competition and becoming more relevant to our customers.

The Company

Founded in 1999, Paper Style sells customer invitations and stationery online in an effort to reach folks across the country. Having extensive retail and printing experience, Paper Style has grown to be one of the best in class by providing the very best quality invitations and stationery delivered quickly and at a reasonable price.

The Challenge sells custom invitations online. Like many companies, it was accustomed to sending the same message at the same time to its entire email database, regardless of demographic or interest. Eventually, its open and click-through rates started suffering.

To keep reading about Paper Style and their success with IBM Marketing Cloud, download the case study.


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